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I was born and raised in East Tennessee, Bristol to be exact. I began taking photos in 2010, and I have been "collecting" them ever since! I have the world's largest Robert Meachem football card collection, I met my wife because her grandmother told me to ask her out via facebook, I had a brain tumor removed in 2003 (still got an A in Algebra that year), I love UT Football - GO VOLS - above all though, I love and  follow Jesus. I'm also very adept at run-on sentences.

I take photos in hopes to create something unique, inspire people to see the world a little less jaded, and capture the beauty that we all take for granted. I am featured in "A work of Art Gallery" in Bristol, Tn on State Street and love to browse 500px for inspiration!

Please shoot me an email if there is anything you need help photographing - I would love to help you create something! UTcards@gmail.com

 - Tyler